LEAD™ easily handles all aspects of development, from pre-development cost to final funding, from project construction to property management. LEAD™ sets a new standard for real estate development software. LEAD™ is the one system that keeps track of both the front line and bottom line.

Project Control

LEAD™ provides a project control viewpoint that complements general ledger, enabling you to see both project cash flow and profit/loss on a single report. Multiple project budgets and revisions can be entered as information becomes available. LEAD™ automatically captures the entire project cost and income activity at the cost code level, at the same time it posts directly to designated accounts in general ledger. Project reports are always available real time. The LEAD™ top-down viewpoint lets you get a quick view of all your projects on a single report. Detailed project reports are supported by auditable transactions tied to the general ledger transactions.

Commitment Management

Managing contractors and suppliers requires you to stay up-to-the-minute with commitments, draw requests, payments, change orders and retention. This is where project control really happens! LEAD™ prevents overpayment of contracts by checking for duplicate draw invoices and by not allowing a draw that exceeds the contract limits. It automatically calculates retention amounts as indicated in the contract. Contract management will track the original contract, reclassifications, and all change orders in detail.

LEAD™’s purchase order module parallels contract management, but with a greater focus on quantities, unit prices and recording items received. It gives you the ability to track material commitments and payments on a per unit basis. LEAD™ prevents overpayment of invoices against purchase orders by not allowing a payment that exceeds the quantity or purchase order total.

Loan Draw

LEAD™ puts together, in one integrated package, features to let you control project funding as well as project costs. LEAD™ can save you significant time preparing loan draw requests that are adapted to the unique categories used by each of your lenders, while still maintaining standardized internal cost reporting. You can select from cost items that have not been fully drawn and indicate full or partial requisition. LEAD™ lets you track multiple loans, update approved loan draws, record cash receipts and automatically create and post general ledger journal entries.

Project Reporting

Our project reports display columns that show you a panoramic view of all aspects of your real estate undertaking. Starting with budgets, commitments and costs, you can ascertain all the pertinent information you need – all on a single report. Using dynamic budgeting, commitment tracking, costing information, and funding status, you can determine total project exposure, as well as your equity component, as funding requests are submitted. The “Cost at Completion” columns provide you the project exposure when the project is 75%, 50%, or 25% complete.