Property Management


Real estate companies use property management software to increase the return on their real estate investments. By increasing operating efficiencies, operating costs are thereby reduced. Attaining these objectives requires a flexible software system, like LEAD™ that can administer both simple and complex leases. By reducing repetitive tasks, minimizing workarounds and quickly accessing information, property managers can focus on increasing net income, thus increasing the value of their assets.

LEAD™ is a comprehensive on-demand property management tool that lets you keep track of all aspects of your real estate investments and operations, including all commercial office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties. All the accounting activities created by property management update the robust general ledger in real-time, which enhances your decision making process with accurate fresh relevant data.

Lease Administration

LEAD™ is a flexible lease-centric system. Almost any type of lease arrangement can be accommodated, including leases with multiple spaces and multiple leases per tenant. This design makes the billing and analysis of multiple leases for national tenants quick and for simple leases even quicker. LEAD™ lease administration functionality is the heart of the commercial billing process, which handles step-ups, indexation, complex recoveries, retail overages and more. QuickLease allows lease administrators to setup the terms of complicated industrial, office, and retail leases quickly. LeaseInquiry enables your staff to review the abstracted lease entered into the system with the actual lease documents, before the lease becomes active. They also can easily update the detail with additional information, included scanned documents. Our design maintains all modifications and options such as expansion, contraction, relocation and renewals in a chronological format, all of which can easily be accessed through drilldowns at any time.

Space Management

Keeping track of all the square footage measurements is important in the management of your property spaces and suites.  Our design will maintain all measurement changes throughout the life of your properties, enabling you to easily perform this previous arduous task.  In addition LEAD™ let’s you group your spaces by Building and Area for instant profitability analysis by building along with automatic reporting groupings.

CAM and Recoveries

LEAD™’s Expense Recovery functionality is one of the most comprehensive and simple-to-use Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and Operating Expense reconciliation available today. The Expense Recovery functionality is designed to be easy to setup and is 100% customizable to handle a variety of commercial lease requirements. The user defines the Expense Pools and the associated Expense Pool Account List. The CAM estimates are calculated from the general ledger from either actual or budgeted expenses. An adjustment amount by pool and/or tenant can be included, before the estimated charges are automatically created. The percentage of overall Expense Recovery (CAM, Insurance, and Real Estate Taxes) are pool specific. Reconciliation amounts are based on actual expenses and compared to the total estimates billed. The difference is the recovery charge that is automatically created. All of which result in a major reduction of your resources.

Retail Sales and Tracking

LEAD™ Retail Sales functionality enables the comparison of tenants and assists in identifying troubled tenants. It tracks multiple retail values, like estimated sales, actual sales and audited sales and maintains an unlimited number of sales years history. The system will automatically calculate percentage rents and track multiple breakpoints. You can analyze sales data by store, tenant and lease. The system will calculate monthly, year-to-date and annual sales per square foot with variances over prior year performance. Expense Recovery functionality will track, calculate and bill recoverable operating expenses for any retail tenants as well.

Property Management Reporting

All of LEAD™’s property management reports are date sensitive. Reports can be run for prior, current or future dates. The data, including space configuration, is automatically recreated for the reporting time period. Month-end processing reports can be reprinted, eliminating the need to keep hard copies of printed reports for prior months. Reports are subtotaled using user defined buildings and area information upon request. The scalable design enables departmentalized reporting of properties, buildings, areas and spaces. And, complete financial reporting for each property; including user-defined departmentalization reporting by space is easily accessed.

Work Orders

LEAD™’s Work Order Maintenance solution provides a straightforward, systematic way to process work orders from initial contact through completion.   One of the key features is the ability record and track all PM and non- PM work orders and work requests within the system.  Also capture labor, parts and material costs by tenant, building, department and cost-center.  You can print work orders in an Adobe PDF format and e-mail right from the system.  Work Order enables you to maintain tenant satisfaction with automated alerts.  You can increase operational efficiency with our online and mobile solutions.